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How It Works


1. Register as BUYER

First, create an account. To do so, simply register as a buyer here.
Register as a buyer

2. Bid on Storage

Once you have created your FREE account you may place bids on auctions.
Place a bid on storage

3. Win, pay, pick up!

If you place a winning bid, you are required to pay IN PERSON and pick up within 48 hrs.

Our auctions are located in the New York Boroughs, Long Island, and to a lesser extent, New Jersey and Connecticut. Keep in mind, you will be required to show up IN PERSON at the storage facility to pay (including the 20% buyer's premium) and pick up the items in the storage unit, so pay special attention to the facility location when bidding on a unit. We always list the pick-up address in the description section of the auction page. We've provided some simple regulations to follow on our FAQ's page as well, and we will be adding more FAQ's to help you as time progresses. Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the storage auction process, Buyers and Sellers are of equal importance to us, and we are here to help.


1. Register as SELLER

First create an account with NY Storage Auctions by completing our FORM.

2. Complete setup

Our management team will be in direct contact with you to complete the process.

3. We list for you!

As part of our premium service we manually submit and manage your auctions for you.

We are dedicated to offering localized, premium service to our sellers and as part of our commitment to you we offer the following services to ensure the smoothest possible auction experience for you:

  1. We evaluate the contents in the storage unit and enure that proper reserve pricing is set that is fair to the buyer AND the seller based on our valuation of the visible contents.
  2. We prepare all of the paperwork and place all of the required legal notices.
  3. Rest assured, as a client of New York Storage Auctions, that a large number of qualified buyers will be notified about your sale.
  4. We conduct effective, legal auctions. There are no exceptions to this rule. We do not proceed with any auction that may to our knowledge harm or put in harms way any of our clients.

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